The Korean Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice and Palliative Care Music Therapy Curriculum.

Category Course objectives Content Method Time (hrs)
Hospice theory Learn philosophical and historical perspectives on hospice and palliative care Understanding hospice and palliative care Lecture 1
Understand hospice patients and their families and learn how to communicate with them Music therapy program in hospice Lecture 1
Care planning by hospice type and interdisciplinary team Lecture 1
Understand how the interdisciplinary team works together and the role of music therapy in hospice setting Spiritual care Lecture 2
Hospice communication and counseling Lecture 1
Hospice music therapy theory Learn the concepts and procedures of music therapy in hospice care Sharing experience in hospice music therapy Lecture, discussion 1
Learn to identify the clinical needs of patients and create music therapy interventions to meet those needs Hospice music therapy overview Lecture 2
Hospice music therapy protocols(1/2/3) Lecture 5
Identify the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of grieving adults and children Music therapy for bereavement group Lecture 1.5
Pediatric palliative care music therapy Lecture 1.5
Recognize the multiple and practical uses of music therapy in hospice Hospice music therapy in foreign countries Lecture 1.5
Various uses of music therapy in hospice setting Lecture 1.5
Hospice music therapy practice Practice skills under supervision in a clinical setting Use of musical instrument suitable for hospice music therapy Lecture, practice 1.5
Analyze practical cases for clinical reference and use Practice for hospice music therapy protocols Role play, supervision 1.5
Practice musical instrument skills and share repertoires to enhance technical competence Case study: best practices Case study 2
Hospice music therapy repertoires Lecture, discussion 2
Clinical practice and supervision Presentation, supervision 2
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