The Korean Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care

The Major Subjects of Hospice and Palliative Care Music Therapy Certificate Program.

Category Content
Hospice & palliative care music therapy (34 hrs) Philosophical and historical perspectives on hospice & palliative care
Ethics in hospice & palliative care
Clinical needs of persons with advanced illness
Music therapy in hospice care evolution and growth
Pediatric palliative care music therapy
Referrals & assessments
Music therapy to meet clinical care plans
Hospice music therapy song swap
Music therapy to prevent hospice interdisciplinary team compassion fatigue
The business of hospice music therapy
Macro-assessments; business planning; funding issues
Counseling skills for music therapists (26 hrs) Communicating with patients and families: setting the scene
Getting in the door: Introduction of music therapy to hospice patients/ families
Models of counseling: an overview
Vent-validation-problem solving
More counseling techniques
Suicide risk assessment
Music in counseling
Processing role plays/music therapy clinical supervision
Adult and seniors grief & loss music therapy (25 hrs) Philosophical approaches to counseling grief & loss
Review skills needed to work in bereavement
Needs of grieving adults and seniors
Music therapy-based group curriculum for adult and senior bereavement groups; special populations
Multi-generational experiences
Child and adolescent grief & loss music therapy (23 hrs) Dyads: personal childhood death experiences and songwriting
Child and adolescent grief: developmental stages, approaches to treatment, assessments, and research overview
Child and adolescent bereavement curriculum and treatment interventions
Developing session plans for role-playing
Sharing interventions for overcoming guilt and shame
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