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Experience Continuous Education Program for Hospice Volunteers.

Category Sub-category Meaningful statements
Obstacles against continuous education for hospice volunteers Not enough time for education “Not many volunteers to continue it even after the continuous education. More than ten volunteers participate in the beginning, but left less than 10% in the end.” (Participant 11) “Hard to make time for education, it’s very good to get the education though.” (Participant 13)
Easy to get damage during volunteering “A volunteer suffered severe back pain due to damage on her back during volunteering.” (Participant 10) “I don’t know how to move patients from bed to wheelchair, thus it seems inconvenient. It’s needed to get an education to help patients comfortably.” (Participant 14)
The passion for learning to serve patients and their families properly Passion for better patient care “I thought I need to learn a foot massage when I saw a volunteer gave it to a patient in the early stage of my volunteering. I’ve learned it at an institute in a different university.” (Participant 11) “Hospice education is quite helpful for volunteering. (If I can) I wanna learn it from several institute for my volunteering (for end-life patient and family).” (Participant 9)
Korean J Hosp Palliat Care 2019;22:185~197
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