The Korean Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care

Perceived End-of-Life Care Competency of 4th grade Nursing Students (N=622).

EoL care competency M±SD
1. Identify the changes in social environment and system, and respond as a professional nurse 1.89±0.80
2. Know, apply current laws and regulations relevant to EoL care 1.96±0.91
3. Recognize the need for consultation to hospice palliative specialist 2.08±0.88
4. Evaluate patient and family outcomes from EoL care within the context of patient goals of care, national quality standards, and values 2.14±0.86
5. Provide culturally sensitive care for seriously ill patients and their family 2.18±0.84
6. Provide evidence-based pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic intervention to palliate pain and symptom for seriously ill patients 2.20±0.88
7. Assess, plan and treat seriously ill patients’s and family’s psychological, social, and spiritual needs to improve their quality of life 2.21±0.86
8. Promote the need for hospice palliative care for serious ill patients and their family 2.27±0.81
9. Recognize one’s own loss, moral distress, compassion fatigue, and burnout, and implement self-care strategies 2.27±0.88
10. Perform a comprehensive assessment of pain and symptoms common in seriously ill patients using valid, standardized tool 2.30±0.93
11. Identify ethical dilemmas in EoL care and apply ethical principles in the care of seriously ill patients and their family 2.31±0.87
12. Recognize one’s own ethical, cultural, and spiritual values and beliefs about death and dying 2.44±0.81
13. Assist patients, family, and colleagues to cope with suffering, grief, loss, and bereavement 2.47±0.86
14. Elicit shared decision making for seriously ill patients and their family by respecting their values and needs 2.55±0.86
15. Communicate effectively and collaborate with other professions 2.60±0.90
16. Demonstrate respect for cultural, spiritual, and other forms of diversity of others 2.67±0.84
17. Communicate effectively and compassionately with seriously ill patients and their family 2.68±0.84
Total 2.31±0.66

EoL: End-of-Life, M±SD: Mean±standard deviation.

Korean J Hosp Palliat Care 2019;22:174~184
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