The Korean Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care


Date Course Contents Time (hrs)
June 27, 2016 The necessity of hospice and palliative medicine An introduction to complementary medicine explaining needs and general concept of hospice care 1
Introduction to complementary medicine 1
Basic concepts and composition of hospice The basic concepts and composition of hospice care 1
Management of pain in hospice patients Pain management for hospice patients including appropriate use of opioids and other analgesics 1
June 29, 2016 Management of the digestive system and respiratory care in hospice patients Management of the digestive and respiratory systems of hospice patients with the review of clinical cases 1
Management of other symptoms Management of neurologic, psychiatric, and symptoms including how to screen and deliver appropriate care with the symptoms 1
Patient management at the time of death How to deliver appropriate care for patents at the time of death 1
Home care for hospice patients Home care for hospice patients and institutional challenges to implement the care system in South Korea 1
July 4, 2016 Social interest and policies regarding hospice Social issues and policies regarding palliative and hospice care 1
Hospice volunteers Working as hospice volunteers focusing on personal experience of hospice volunteer who had worked more than 15 years 1
Summary Test 1 1
July 6, 2016 Hospice and palliative medical ward experience Bedside experience working with hospice team members 4
Total 16
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