The Korean Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care

Result of Factor Analysis (N=218).

ItemItem contentsFactor Loading

5Nurses should not violate hospital policies when advocating for patient’’s end of life decisions0.933
8Even if life-support such as mechanical ventilation and dialysis are stopped, artificial nutrition and hydration should be continued0.741
7Patients should consider family members’ opinions when completing advance directives0.677
3It is sometimes best to withhold information from patients0.669
12Patients with decision-making capacity should always be consulted on Do-Not-Resuscitate decisions0.806
11Nurses should be actively involved in helping patients complete advance directives0.751
1Patients with decision-making capacity who are not terminally ill should have a right to refuse life support even if the decision may lead to death0.590
9It is appropriate to give medication to relieve pain even if it may hasten a patient’s death0.577
10The nurse has the responsibility to confer with the doctor about medical treatment if a patient’s right have not been considered0.468
6All patients with decision-making capacity should complete advance directives0.859
2Nurse should uphold the patient’s wishes even if they conflict with the nurse’s own view0.757
4Nurses should go against relatives’ wishes if they conflict with the patient’s end of life decisions0.550
Eigen value2.5912.2752.070
Explained variance (%)21.59318.95617.248
Cumulative (%)21.59340.54957.796
Korean J Hosp Palliat Care 2019;22:134~143
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