The Korean Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care

The Needs at the End-of-Life Screening Tool (NEST).

N (social Needs)
 FinancialHow much of a financial hardship is your illness for you or your family?
 Assess to careHow much trouble do you have accessing the medical care you need?
 ClosenessHow often is there someone to confide in?
 Care-giving needsHow much help do you need with things like getting meals or getting to the doctor?
 DistressHow much does this illness seem senseless and meaningless?
 SpiritualityHow much does religious belief or your spiritual life contribute to your sense of purpose?
 SettlednessHow much have you settled your relationship with the people close to you?
 PurposeSince your illness, how much do you live life with a special sense of purpose?
S(Symptom Matters)
 PhysicalHow much do you suffer from physical symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, bowel, or urination problems?
 MentalHow often do you feel confused or anxious or depressed?
 Patient-clinician relationshipHow much do you feel your doctors and nurses respect you as an individual?
 InformationHow clear is the information from the medical team about what to expect regarding your illness?
 Goals of CareHow much do you feel that the medical care you are getting fits with your goals?
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